Can a Pill Really Stop Premature Ejaculation?

It's one the more common sexual problems, affecting literally millions of men, yet few will openly admit it. However, the number of online searches for a cure, in addition to studies that have posed the question, make it clear that men would like to find a way to prevent premature ejaculation. And needs of this magnitude always lead to options. Just be careful which ones you choose.

stop premature ejaculation

Most men would be inclined to think it's just a young guy's problem. And while it does affect more men who are under age 35, for some it never goes away. Though time seems to help diminish the problem to some extent, age is not quite the factor that you may think, with a lot of men in their 60s and 70s continuing to deal with it.

Since it's rarely a topic of discussion, not an honest one anyway, few men really have any idea if their friends or acquaintances have the problem or not, and they sure wouldn't ask them how to cure premature ejaculation. I can just hear one of my 3 brothers, or best friends asking me "how do you delay ejaculation". Not gonna happen, ever. Real men don't have that problem, or so they would have you think.

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Though there is some speculation about the cause, no scientific studies of any kind have ever proven anything noteworthy, nothing that really warrants any discussion about causes at all.

Men may make light of the subject, but for those who deal with it, it's not a joking matter. It has caused the breakup of many relationships, even marriages. So I would say that knowing how to overcome premature ejaculation is much more than a little important.

Prescription Drugs or Herbal Pills - What's True and What's Embellished?

Do you need to see a doctor for a medication that can stop premature ejaculation, or is there an all-natural premature ejaculation pill that will treat the problem effectively? The answer depends on who you talk to, with both options being available. Doctors typically prescribe drugs, and non-traditional health care practitioners tend to suggest just about anything but drugs.

There are a couple of drugs that have shown some evidence of working, all falling under groups of antidepressants such as Prozac and Lustral, and a new drug that came out in 2010 that was released in the UK, a tablet called dapoxetine, which goes by the trade name of Priligy. All of these are certainly not cures, and even though they have been proven to work for some men, there is no guarantee that they will, and they come with serious potential side effects.

Before trying any type of prescription drug, you should at least exhaust the natural alternatives. One idea that has proven to be beneficial is to slow down a little when you feel a climax start to come on, get your mind elsewhere just long enough to delay the release, and then slowly get back to where you were before the warning signs hit you. In addition, there are all-natural premature ejaculation pills that many men swear by.

While there are no scientific studies to support that an herbal pill will stop premature ejaculation, there are hundreds of all natural cures for a vast array of health issues that have no clinical studies to support them either, and yet everyone knows they work. Like any claim to cure something, some are true and some are so embellished that they are flat out lies. You just have to learn to tell the difference between what's true and what isn't.

In the world of 100% all-natural premature ejaculation pills, clinically proven ingredients can be a good sign, but a clinically proven product should show clear evidence of the data utilized and results obtained, or you should stay away from it. It will most likely be a waste of your money and time.

A product worth considering is Viasil. It contains many clinically-proven ingredients, and is 100% natural. Formulated by a doctor who uses maximum strength substances, it has been the #1 choice of men who have been taking it. Due to one of its ingredients, Zinc and Tribulus Terrestris, it has the potential of raising testosterone levels up to as much as 93%.

In addition to taking 100% risk free herbal pills, especially those that can help you in more than one area, open channels of communication in which partners express their deepest longings and needs has been proven to vastly improve sexual relationships. As with any problematic issue, there is very likely something that can assist you with treating it. Though it may take a little time, the rewards of finding an effective solution will always be well worth the effort.

Can a Pill Really Stop Premature Ejaculation?